About WCC

The World Chlorine Council (WCC) is a global network representing the chlorine and chlorinated products industries. Originally formed in 1993, it brings together national and regional trade associations, along with their member companies to promote best practices and the benefits of chlor-alkali chemistry.


Our Vision

Chlor-alkali chemistry is recognized as making an essential contribution to a sustainable world.

Our Mission

Be a global forum to promote health, safety, and environmental best practices in order to provide society with the benefits of the chlor-alkali industry.

Our Values


Our internal and external relationships and partnerships are based on the belief that all people deserve respect.


We are a reliable source and trusted provider of information on the safe handling and environmental and health effects of chlorine.


We are committed to sharing our knowledge, information, and resources to ensure chlor-alkali chemistry is recognized by society.


We maintain partnerships to work globally to inform international policy development that relates to our industry and products. We will foster collective efforts to support the chlor-alkali industry.

Our Goals


Promote the continuous improvement of safety, environment and health performance, progress and practices worldwide in chlor-alkali production, transportation and use.

Active Engagement

Maintain active engagement with our partners to share our knowledge, insights and perspectives.


Demonstrate and communicate the environmental, social, and economic contributions of chlor-alkali chemistry.


Participate in key international, regulatory and policy fora to promote informed decision making by World Chlorine Council member organizations and key stakeholders.


Communicate the opportunities, progress, and the challenges facing chlor-alkali chemistry to our members and society.


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