The World Chlorine Council (WCC) produces resource materials to support active engagement and sharing of knowledge with WCC’s partners and the public. Here we showcase WCC’s resources in four key topic areas.

Drinking Water

The use of chlorine to disinfect drinking water has been called one of the greatest public health advances in history. Here you can find the most recent WCC Drinking Water resources.

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WCC has a commitment to safety and goal to promote the continuous improvement of environmental, health, and safety performance for chlor-alkali production, transportation, and use. A selection of relevant resources are available here. For more technical resources please visit the websites of WCC members Euro Chlor and the Chlorine Institute.

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Chlorine chemistry provides many environmental, social, and economic contributions globally. Here are several resources on chlorine chemistry’s impact on sustainable development. Additionally, visit WCC’s sustainability page to learn more about how chlorine chemistry impacts specific UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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Regional Resources

WCC members have independently produced a variety of resources that are available here.

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