Benefits of Chlor-alkali Chemistry


Chlor-alkali chemistry can help you stay healthy and treat you when you’re sick. Chlor-alkali chemistry can help you see better and can help enable asthma sufferers to breathe deeper. It helps protect hospital patients from harmful infections.

Chlor-alkali chemistry serves as an essential building block for more than 90 percent of pharmaceuticals that treat everything from high cholesterol to allergies. In emergencies, healthcare providers depend on the products of chlor-alkali chemistry – including blood bags, medical devices and surgical stitches.


Ibuprofen, allergy medication, acetaminophen, vitamins, aspirin, brand name and generic medications that treat high cholesterol, heart burn, depression, asthma, and heart disease

Medical Equipment and Supplies

Blood bags, surgical stitches and membranes, medical devices, disinfectants, artificial joints

Respiratory Inhalers

Aerosol propellants for asthma, COPD, and other respiratory conditions

Vision Products

Soft contact lenses, eyeglass/sunglass lenses, safety glasses

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