Benefits of Chlor-alkali Chemistry


Chlor-alkali chemistry helps get you where you need to go. Chlor-alkali chemistry produces lightweight plastics that help improve fuel economy. Seat cushions derived from chlor-alkali chemistry help keep you comfortable during long rides. Bumpers and airbags can help save your life. Recline your seat, peer out the shatterproof window and glance at the wing of an airplane with the peace of mind that chlor-alkali chemistry can help get you home safely.

Railroads & Subways

Seat cushions, wire and cable, shatter- resistant windows


Jet engine shaft, engine nacelle, wing structure, shatter-resistant windows, wire and cable, fuselage


Seat cushions and seat covers, wire and cables, headlamp lenses, tire cord, bumpers, sealants, paint, fan belts, air bags, brake fluids

Boats & Cargo Ships

Steel hull, wiring, seat cushions, navigation systems, ropes

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