Benefits of Chlor-alkali Chemistry

Advanced Technology

While technology moves fast, chlor-alkali chemistry helps it move even faster. Tablet computers, laptops, and even smartphones depend on chlor-alkali chemistry for fast processors and network access. From environmentally friendly refrigerants that help keep you comfortable at home and work to high precision lasers and nuclear batteries, chlor-alkali chemistry is driving the next generation of high-tech innovations.

Fluoropolymers & Elastomers

Non-stick cookware, wire and cable insulation, seals and fittings in aerospace

Digital Technology & Communications

High speed communication cables, computers, cell phones, PDAs, PC boards, satellite guidance

Rare Earth Materials

Aerospace components, catalysts, high performance magnets, hybrid car batteries, nuclear batteries, lasers, masers

Environmentally-Friendly Refrigerants

Residential and commercial air conditioning, mobile systems, chillers

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