Benefits of Chlor-alkali Chemistry

Defense & Law Enforcement

Chlor-alkali chemistry is the first line of defense for our first line of defense — the brave men and women who serve and protect us. Bullet-resistant vests, helmets and glass, along with riot shields help protect police officers and soldiers who put their lives on the line to keep us safe. From parachutes to night-vision goggles to cockpit canopies in jet fighters, chlor-alkali chemistry helps our soldiers complete their missions safely and effectively.

Protective Equipment

Bullet-resistant vests and helmets, bullet-resistant glass, riot shields and visors

Military Equipment

Parachutes, fuel cells, night-vision goggles, rocket propellants, cockpit canopies for jet fighters, missile guidance hardware, carbon-reinforced polymers

Live-Saving Equipment

Blood bags, surgical stitches, disinfectants

Intelligence & Surveillance

Surveillance cameras, unmanned aerial vehicles

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