Alkali Manufacturers Association of India (AMAI) reaching out across India to help people use chlorine safely

WCC Member, AMAI is running a series of training programmes on “Chlorine Safety and Emergency Preparedness” for local water treatment facilities and municipalities in various Indian states. This initiative aims to help raise awareness on the benefits of chlorine, whilst demonstrating how chlorine can be safely handled, used and what to do in an emergency.

Ms. Harjeet Anand, AMAI Joint Director (Technical) noted that the programme includes classroom training sessions, demonstration of chlorine safety equipment and mock drills for the participants. This is followed by a site visit by AMAI Safety Experts to recommend improvements as necessary. This current project follows on from similar successful programmes on drinking water chlorination and chlorine safety in the Indian states of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Meghalaya, Telangana and Goa.

The project is also very timely as it follows from the recent World Water Day (22 March), where AMAI also had activities. Mr. Jayantibhai Patel, AMAI President, noted “We firmly believe the disease burden owing to water borne diseases can be significantly brought down through chlorine disinfection. This also ties in with achievement of [UN] Sustainable Development Goal 6: Water and Sanitation for All by 2030.”*

The safe use and handling of chlorine is particularly important at present as the Indian government is recommending chlorine products for the cleaning and disinfection of surfaces, disposal of used infected masks, for sanitation and hygiene in the control of the COVID-19 outbreak.

“AMAI members are making adequate availability of chlorine at all locations to meet the enhanced demand for drinking water disinfection and the Alkali industry is fully committed to supporting the government’s effort”, stated Mr. K. Srinivasan, Secretary General AMAI.

*Firstpost – 24 March 2020

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