Building Good Chemistry Between Progress and the Environment

The American Chemistry Council’s Chlorine Chemistry Division (CCD) traveled to Dallas, Texas to participate at the largest eco expo in the world.  Tens of thousands of people gathered over the three-day public festival that aims to raise environmental awareness through innovation and progressive action.

More than 500 exhibitors gathered to share environmental-friendly knowledge and best practices from an array of platforms including the academic and government sectors.  In 2015 the event’s media outreach garnered 23.2 million impressions from television, online, print and radio ads. The festival is free to both exhibit and attend.

CCD brought the fun back to chemistry with an experiment to demonstrate an endothermic reaction by making a cold pack using baking soda and citric acid.  Children and adults of all ages learned the value of our industry and its innovations for a sustainable future.

In addition to participating in a popular chemistry experiment, kids and their parents took home thousands of Team Chlorine activity books.  It was a tremendous success by showing attendees of all ages how chlorine chemistry drives progress on every front, including the environment, every single day.  For example, few attendees knew that chlorine chemistry plays a surprisingly vital role in the production of solar panels and windmill turbine blades.  And few knew that chlorine chemistry plays a surprising role in development of crop protection materials that supply a healthy and abundant food supply for families around the world.

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