Chlor-alkali CICAC conference Beijing 2015: shaping the future of global energy and resources.

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A famous Chinese saying goes; “one prospers in worry and hardship, and perishes in ease and comfort”. Do we choose to rest on our laurels or to listen to other voices and seek action? Its time to prepare for real change!

The China International Chlor Alkali Conference (CICAC), co-organised by China Chlor Alkali Industry Association and China Chlor Alkali Online, has been held annually since 2012. Each year, this Conference attracts more than 200 of the world’s best, credible and financially responsible chemical industrial manufacturers and equipment makers.

The conference has long been used as a platform for cooperation and exchange on market analysis and technology sharing between industrial organisation leaders, world class entrepreneurs and managers. At the same time, various business activities such as product exhibitions, customised promotional meetings, plant visits etc. are also carried out to support the conference.

Key themes at this year’s conference include technological, economic and policy information sharing from WCC member countries, the impact of the global fuel economy on the industry as well as several sessions the status and future of the Chinese Chlor Alkali industry.

The 4th China International Chlor Alkali Conference will take place in the Oriental Bay International Hotel, Beijing from 27-29 October 2015.

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CICAC 2015

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