Chlorine Institute hosted several Spanish language webinars

In an effort to expand its emergency response training and outreach, WCC member the Chlorine Institute (CI) hosted several Spanish language webinars over the past six months. In October 2020, CI partnered with TRANSCAER to host the first webinar which drew 122 total attendees from Mexico, Colombia, Chile, and other countries. The second CI/TRANSCAER webinar was held in December 2020 and had 246 participants.

CI also partnered with Ferromex, a rail consortium that operates the largest railway in Mexico, and CAWASA (Caribbean Water and Sewerage Association) to host four more Spanish webinars in February and March of 2021. The four webinars trained a combined total of 308 attendees.

All webinars were broken down into a two-part series on “Physical and Chemical Properties of Chlorine” and “Chlorine Emergency Response.” Participants provided nothing but positive feedback. One participant tweeted, “Thank you for the kind invitation, it was a great training event!” CI looks forward to hosting more of these events in the future and continuing to provide this critical training to Spanish speakers everywhere.

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