Euro Chlor launches innovative new videos

In October 2023, Euro Chlor started a new communications campaign to show the benefits of products in the chlor-alkali value chain with a series of videos on all its social media channels So far, videos have been launched on mobile phones and pain relievers, fire protection and ships, aeroplanes and mattresses, bubble bath and cat litter, and toilets and running shoes, with more to follow soon.

Taking ’17’ as inspiration (from chlorine’s position on the chemical Periodic Table of elements), Euro Chlor’s 17 Careers campaign presents 17 real Europeans, whose work is to produce chlor-alkali chemicals. Two new videos have been published recently featuring Klaus Kuhlage, Site Director from Nobian, and Daniel Oliveira, Chemical Process Technician from Bondalti, with more to follow soon.

For more information, contact Euro Chlor Communications Manager, Catherine Potter. Watch the videos on LinkedIn, X (Twitter), Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.  

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