International technology conference sharing information on Best Available Techniques for chlorine and its derivatives

10A very successful  technology conference was held in Moscow on 05 and 06 April 2016  on the theme of ‘Chlorine and its derivatives 2016: Best Available Techniques’.

More  than 140 people from the Russian Federation, Belarus, Kazakhstan, China, India and Europe attended the special tenth anniversary RusChlor conference to discuss items including the industrial production of chlorine and its derivatives, to share information on how to safely transport chlorine and the raw commodities, equipment and instruments that are used in chlor-alkali production.

Arranged in co-operation between WCC member RusChlor, the JSC National Chlorine Safety Centre, the Russian Federation Ministry of Industry and Trade, Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Atomic Supervision as well as the Russian Chemists Union; over 78  legal entities were represented from state-owned and private companies, government agencies, trade associations, engineering companies and scientific organisations.

The main technological and safety challenges to the industry were presented alongside information on those Best Available Techniques (BAT). A highlight of the event was the open discussion on safe transportation of chlorine, something which the WCC follows very closely.

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