WCC promotes international best practice for management of mercury

Global Mercury PartnershipThe World Chlorine Council (WCC) has established a document library in order to support the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Global Mercury Partnership.

This library contains all the collected information on correct handling, storage, disposal and reporting of mercury as well as some useful documents to support the decommissioning of mercury chlor-alkali plants, which is required by many international authorities.

Mercury has ¬†historically been used in the production of chlor-alkali and its responsible management is followed very closely by the WCC. As active participants in the UNEP Global Mercury Partnership, the WCC has provided information and expertise from its global members in order to protect the planet from this potentially hazardous metal. The partnership supports the work on the Minamata Convention which aims to control the global anthropogenic release of mercury and is made up of governments, NGO’s &¬†industry.

All information is now presented on a dedicated section of the website and is available at

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