Information on COVID-19 from the World Chlorine Council – the role of chlorine chemistry

During these difficult times, chlorine chemistry has been called upon by authorities to help protect people and medical professionals around the world from the SARS-COV-2 ‘Coronavirus’.

The World Health Organisation has recommended using chlorine bleach to disinfect frequently touched surfaces. In addition, products made using chlorine chemistry (e.g. blood bags, medical tubing and face shields) are also helping in the fight against the virus.

To keep people and authorities informed, several useful information sources on COVID-19 are available from our members.

EUROPE – Cefic (European Chemical Association) has an informative map showing how Europe ensures that life-saving products get where they need to go;

INDIA – The Alkali Manufacturers Association of India is showing how chlorine chemistry can protect people from the virus;

NORTH AMERICA – The American Chemistry Council’s Coronavirus Resource Centre lists the efforts made by the US chemical industry to reduce the impact of COVID-19 – including donations of life-saving bleach;

The Chlorine Institute has resources to help keep producers safe and informed;

The Water Quality and Health Council has practical resources on how to safely use chlorine to disinfect homes and hospitals;

SOUTH AMERICA – Abiclor has pages dedicated to efforts in Brazil to use chlorine chemistry to control the virus.

More will be shared here from our members as they become available.

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