Benefits of Chlor-alkali Chemistry

Building & Construction

When you come home, chlor-alkali chemistry is waiting to greet you. From insulated PVC siding to energy-efficient window and door frames to the gutters on your roof, chlor-alkali chemistry helps protect you from the elements. Inside the walls, electrical insulation and PVC pipes safely deliver electricity and water to your home.

It may also surprise you that chlor-alkali chemistry is right in your own backyard. Garden hoses, fences, awnings, decks, and durable lawn furniture help bring gardens to life while providing the perfect setting for backyard barbeques – all with the help of chlor-alkali chemistry.

Building Materials

Vinyl siding, gutters, gutter leaf guards, window and door frames, paints, coatings, window screens, power tool housings

Pipe & Cable

Electrical insulation, PVC pipes


Garden hoses, fences, decks, awnings

Paint, caulking, power tool housings

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